Android™ Mirror

Model: JUC600
$ 30.00 $ 39.99


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Unleash the full power of your Android device with the JUC600 Android Mirror!

The JUC600 Android Mirror creates a bridge between an Android mobile device and a Windows computer.

When the Mirror is connected to an Android mobile device and a computer, the mobile device screen will be mirrored, magnified, and displayed on the computer's desktop. The user can employ the keyboard and mouse of the computer to control the smartphone or tablet during the sync while simultaneously charging the mobile device.

With a friendly software interface, the Mirror can support a 360° screen rotation. Text can be copied and pasted from the Windows computer to the Android device and screen shots can be taken and saved onto the computer. It also turns the keyboard and mouse of the computer into a full-size physical keyboard and mouse for the Android device.

In addition, incoming calls and/or messages can be received and replied to instantly using the desktop.