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What Is the Best Streaming Capture Device?

If you're a streamer, you're probably well-versed in the use of capture devices. This blog post is for you if you are a beginner seeking the best capture device on a budget.

What Is a Capture Device?

A capture device or capture card allows a computer or mobile device to record or livestream another device such as a game console, camera, another computer, and other devices with HDMI™ ports that send out a video signal.

What To Look for When Buying a Capture Device?

1. Media Quality:

When buying a capture device for the stream, the most crucial thing is media quality, and everyone wants to stream at the best quality. So, be sure the capture device you are buying is able to stream at least 720p(HD) @ 60FPS.

2. Types of Input

Selecting the proper capture card is more difficult than it appears. Based on your requirements, you must select the appropriate input for the device you need to record with. Many gaming consoles, such as the Xbox™ Series X, Xbox™ Series S, PlayStation™ 4, PlayStation™ 5, Nintendo Switch™, laptops, and other devices use HDMI™ as its primary input.

Why is the JVA01 the Best Capture Device for Streaming?

Supported Resolution

JVA01 allows 4K media quality pass-through to a TV or monitor, and 1080p @ 30FPS / 720p @ 60FPS while streaming or recording. This is a total game-changer, with its versatility and multi-capability.


The JVA01 supports UVC, making it plug and play with many operating systems. So, you can easily set it up on your computer and start streaming quickly, saving you time by not having to install drivers.


JVA01 has the essential ports, 2 USB™ SuperSpeed 5Gbps ports. With the JVA01, you don’t have to buy another hub for connecting your peripherals.

Not Just a Capture Device but a 4K USB™ Hub

The main feature that distinguishes this gadget is that it's not just a capture device, but also a USB-C® hub with up to 4K resolution output. USB-C® delivers 60 watts of power, which keeps connected devices charged. Additionally, it features a 3.5 mm headphone jack to connect your headphones.

It Is Not Always About the Capture Device.

It is the overall video arrangement, rather than the capturing equipment, that provides a smooth transmission. So, to make streaming go more smoothly, we’ve made a list for the best video setup combo.

1. Webcam for Streaming

There are a ton of webcams in the market with different specs, but the USB™ 4K Ultra HD Webcam (JVU430) is on another level. Its built-in low light enhancement sets it apart from the other regular webcams, making it the best for gamers who use a dark light set up in their studio room.

2. HDMI™ Extension

The 4K HDMI™ Cable (JDC52) is the best HDMI™ extension cable you can purchase. What sets it apart from other cables, is its long lifespan and durable design. To ensure quality and maximum performance the cable is designed with triple shielding.


3. Wireless Keyboard

Wires are, without a doubt, the most annoying aspect for any gamer or content creator. As a result, j5create has added a wireless keyboard and mouse to its lineup. The Full-Size Wireless Keyboard and Mouse (JIKMW115) will reduce the number of wires around your setup.

4. Multi-Angle Laptop Stand


If you're using a laptop and are having trouble finding the proper angle for gaming or streaming, the Multi-Angle Laptop Stand (JTS127) is a good option. Its extreme flexibility makes it ideal for gamers, as it allows you to play from any angle you desire for relentless gaming.

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