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USB-C™ to USB-C™ Sync & Charge Cable with a Braided Polyester Cover for High Durability

Model: JUCX24

$ 10.99


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  • Product Description

      The JUCX24 USB-C™ cable is powerful and reversible, with no wrong way to plug it in. The USB-C™ cable supports USB™ 2.0 with speeds up to 480 Mbps and an output of 3A. The cable will significantly cut down on the amount of wires needed to power devices. It is compatible with both USB™ 2.0 and USB™ 3.0 devices. With a double-braided nylon cover, the exterior is abrasion-resistant, reducing fraying and increasing the lifespan.


      • High-Speed Syncing
        USB™ 2.0 standard, delivers transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps
      • High-Speed Charging
        Supports Power Delivery and Qualcomm® Quick Charge™
      • High Durability
        The USB-C™ connector is protected by a metal shield, and the double-molding adds flexibility and strong protection
      • Highly Soft and Pliable
        The double-braided nylon cover adds extra strength and protects the wire
      • • The shield-braid and metalized mylar shielding helps to protect the cable from external electromagnetic interference
      • • 6 ft/1.8m cable length
      • • macOS®/Windows®/Chrome OS™/Android™ compatible
  • JUCX24 Support
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  • JUCX24 Specifications
    • Interface


      USB-C male Connector


      480 Mbps


      Max. Current


      Housing Material


      Physical Specifications


      Cable length: 6 ft / 180 cm


      45 g

      Package Contents

      • USB-C Sync & Charge Cable (JUCX24)


Up to 60W Power Delivery

Supports Qualcomm® Quick Charge™


Cross-Device Syncing

USB™ 2.0 standard delivers transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps


Scratch Resistant

Double-braided polyester cover adds extra strength and flexibility to protect the wire


Double-Braided Nylon Cover



The USB-C™ connector is protected by a metal casing and dual-layer molding to prevent connector damage due to bending and twisting