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Anti-Shatter Tempered Glass Screen Protector For iPhone® XS/ XR/ XS Max

Model: JSPG

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  • Product Description

      Our Anti-Shatter Tempered Glass Screen Protector is a super-slim, super-durable screen protector for iPhone® XS, iPhone® 9 and iPhone® XS Plus. Created using Japanese tempered glass, the Anti-Shatter Tempered Glass Screen Protector is very strong, shock resistant and scratch resistant. The special adhesive layer assists in the swift dissipation of air bubbles. With its mere 0.3 mm thickness and rounded edges, the the j5 screen protector naturally blends in with the top of your device. Clarity and screen touch sensitivity remain the same when the j5 screen protector is installed.


      • iPhone® XS (JSPG58)
      • iPhone® XR (JSPG61)
      • iPhone® XS Max (JSPG65)

      • • Japanese Tempered Glass
      • • Bend-resistant/Anti-Shatter tempered glass protective film
      • • Ultra-thin 0.3 mm thickness is reliable and resilient, and promises full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity
      • • Oil, water and fingerprint resistant
      • • Pencil hardness 9H/ scratch resistant
      • • Case friendly: precision cut curved edges
      • • High transparency
  • JSPG Support
    • At j5create we strive to maintain 100% customer satisfaction and functionality, no matter what product or system you may have. We have a dedicated technical support specialists waiting to assist you and your specific needs.

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  • JSPG Specifications
    • Specifications


      JSPG58 (iPhone® XS):
      5.35 x 2.49 in. / 135.8 x 63.2 mm
      JSPG61 (iPhone® XR):
      5.53 x 2.55 in. / 140.4 x 65 mm
      JSPG65 (iPhone® XS Max):
      5.86 x 2.70 in. / 148.9 x 68.8 mm


      9H Tempered Glass

      Product Weight

      JSPG58: 0.01989 lb/ 9g
      JSPG61: 0.0221 lb/ 10g
      JSPG65: 0.02431 lb/ 11g

      Package Contents

      • Anti-Shatter Tempered Glass Screen Protector x 2 Pack
      • Wiping Cloth + Wet Cleaning Pad +Dust Sticker X 2 Pack
      • Quick Installation Guide