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Important Information on macOS® Big Sur 11 and macOS® Monterey 12

For the best user experience

If your Mac® is running macOS® 11 Big Sur or macOS® 12 Monterey please update the computer to the latest version then install the driver for optimal performance and functionality.

For better performance please update your computer to the latest version if you are using the following products:
  • JCA366 / 365
  • JCD381/543/543P
  • JUA195 / 250 / 254 / 255
  • JUA350 / 354 / 360 / 365
  • JUD380 / 480 / 481 / 530 / 531
  • JUH410/450

On the M1 platform
On the macOS® 12 Monterey 12.3.1 operating system, when you plug in the product and wake the Mac® from sleep there will either be a random black screen, or the screen will not update.
When the problem occurs please unplug then plug the product back into the computer to solve the issue.

On INTEL platform (occurs randomly)
After the system is restarted: The system will not display the name of the USB™ 3.0 Audio device within the sound settings. The name of the USB™ 3.0 Audio device will appear only after the product needs to be unplugged and plugged back into the computer.

On the M1 platform
Products with multiple outputs (e.g., 2 port or 4 port HDMI™), after system restart or hibernation one or more of the following may occur.

  • One or more screen outputs do not work, or the number of screen outputs is incorrect
  • It may also appear that the number of displays is correct, but the displays will mirror.
  • The screen size may become smaller, only half of the screen appears, or the screen size is abnormal.

On the INTEL and M1 platform
Big Sur 11.1~11.6.1 and Monterey 12.1~12.3.1 do not support the screen rotation function as of now, but functionality will be added in later.

On the M1 platform
Monterey 12.3.1 use same model screen, only one screen may be displayed, and the other screen will be blank.


Our R&D team is still working hard on resolving bugs and while also improving our drivers to give better performance and functionality. For further information or assistance, please contact us directly at